Something New is Right Around the Corner f Your Life 2
Every Day is a New Chance to Start A New Life


Every morning when we wake up there is the possibility of something new. A new opportunity, a new friend, a new magical experience, a new interest, a new life.

I know that some days just getting out of bed becomes a new adventure; am I going to be able to stand or am I going to end up on my butt again, will I break something this time when I fall or will I just bounce like usual? Being overweight is good for something. LoL



New adventures, new ideas, a new way of looking at things; this is what every day holds for us. To be able to change our perspective; to be able to get a new take on something that previously had not filled us with hope. There is no way to know from day-to-day what may be possible for us, what may be a new opportunity for us. Sometimes, when all we can see is the darkness the new day comes and with it the chance for light to show us a new path. Can I be different, can I think different, Can I make my life different?

Every morning when I wake up I lie in bed and wonder whether or not my arms or my legs, my eyes or my ear, or my body at all, is going to work. But, every day holds the possibility of laughter and community, friendship and love. So, those are my new challenges, to look for the laughter, the ability to be part of a community, to seek out friendship and love. Do you know how hard that is for an introvert (shaking my head)?



Now, I am mostly a positive person so it would be hard for me to not look for and hope for the bright side but I have been in the dark when only grey clouds and fog surround us. When you can’t see at all, or when there is only Gray and Black. But then there’s the next day, and the possibility again exists for light to come shining through the grey and the black and maybe they get pushed back a little. And even if we can only see a glimmer of the light; we can believe that it is something new that is right around the corner bringing the light back to our hearts.

My way of viewing the world will always have a positive slant because I am always surrounded by love and caring, and people I can count on. My life is filled always with the knowledge that I have people on my side.

People have asked me many times “How do I stay so positive?”, let’s be honest, nobody is positive all the time. Do I have days where I let a little bit of self-pity slip in when I let poor me syndrome take hold? Yes, of course, I do, but it never lasts very long anymore because I am always looking for the new, what new thing can I learn today, about myself, about my work, about the world?

When I say that there is something new around the corner I mean that you have to look for it; that you have to make the challenge to yourself to see the small things that can make a difference in your life. To see the beauty that surrounds every day, all the different greens of the trees, all the clouds in the sky because they’re different colours this time of year, the especially bright and cheerful flowers of Spring. We can see the newness all around us, we just have to try to grab some for ourselves.

Something New is Right Around the Corner of Your Life
The newness of the flowers in Spring


If I was to say that finding a way to be creative could help bring the light back into your life whether you color in a coloring book, or do crossword puzzles, or sing and dance; being creative will bring you the light, would you look for it, would you try a new road to see if it works for you? Even if you can only be creative in your mind, design a space that is just yours; make it up to be what you want it to be, your place of peace. Last week, I spoke about Daydreams, use that power, to make something new in your mind.

Only you can decide what will make that little piece of light or that little glimmer of light shine for you, don’t leave yourself in the dark, hunt for the glimmer!


Around the corner find something new
Search for that Glimmer of Light



I have several websites that are my go to’s when I need to find something to lift me up.  The first is one I check every morning, to see what’s going on, what’s she making, what’s she cooking up;



I keep all her emails, everything she sends out to me is kept in a folder, she has posts about using essential oils, which I love, about cooking, cleaning, and just about everything else you can do around a house.  When I need an answer to a question about how to clean this or that, she is where I go.  I have no affiliation with her or her site, I just love the blog.  She has little mini videos on how to do this or that running on the side of her site, I love it.


The next one is for me because I love to write, and any pointers I can get I jump right on:



This site is mostly for freelancers but it has good advice just for everyday writers or bloggers.  It has tips to make your writing better, it has tips on how and where to find work (for freelancers), it has a little bit about a lot of things and like above, I keep every single email.


The last and final site I’m going to share with you today is;



If you have not heard of this site or have not read the book, please check this out.  It will lift you up, it will make your mornings a joy (once you are up and moving of course).  Little things that you can do very day to make your life a little bit better, a little bit more positive.

The man who wrote the books is Hal Elrod, this past year he was diagnosed with cancer and has gone through some horrendous treatments, but through it all, he kept putting out YouTube videos to let you know how he was doing.  Although the times were tough for him, you could see the positivity and courage in his eyes, he is very inspiring.

So, if you need to be lifted up, get to the blog, or the podcast, or buy the book and see it shining through everything he writes and says. (I should mention, that right now, his partner is doing the podcasts, but it is still uplifting and inspiring.)

Oh, and I am not affiliated with any these sites guys, I just love them.

FAIRY GARDEN Update:  I am sorry that I have not done more, this past week has been one for the books you might say, so I will keep trying to get back to it and as it comes together I will share it with you.



you are doing an amazing job at life!!:

Courtesy of Pinterest as always.


This week, remember to love yourself, you’re worth it.




Have I ever mentioned that Dachshunds are stubborn, they do what you want them to do only when they want to do it.  I have been potty training Bailey since we got her, she seemed to be doing really well at the pee part of it, she goes on the pad when I ask her, or outside if we are outside; but, poop is not as easy.  Bailey can’t seem to get the idea that she can poop on the pads also.

By the way, I should mention here that she and Willie do not like the rain; hence the pee pads; we live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, we have two seasons Rain and Not Rain ( I know, I know, I’m being sarcastic, but this year this is really the case, and we are likely to have both seasons in one day).

Willie was a stubborn little git, and it took me almost a year to train him, Bailey is only just over three months, I thought that if I started the intense training right away she would get it, but that does not seem to be the case.

Luckily, we have mostly laminate flooring throughout the house, so it is easy to clean up after her, but I don’t know how to teach her the proper place for it.  If you have any ideas, other than rubbing her nose in it, because that I won’t do, could you leave me a comment, the comment button is at the top of the post?  I’d really appreciate any help I can get.  Thank you.







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