1.    Reread one of your favourite books
  2.    Watch shows that make you feel good or make you laugh
  3.    Take time to be alone
  4.    Put on your most comfortable clothes or pajamas
  5.    Take a hot bath.
  6.    Write down a list of things that you are thankful for  
  7.    Journal what you are thinking and feeling 
  8.    Take a few deep breaths 
  9.    Meditate 
  10.    Unplug from social media 
  11.    Pet your cat, dog, ferret or whatever is furry that you love 
  12.    Do yoga, gently
  13.    Talk to your therapist or psychiatrist
  14.    Take a nap
  15.    Sit outside and soak up some sun
  16.    Drink Water 
  17.    Go for a walk 
  18.    Light a Candle 
  19.    Draw, Paint, Colour, or Craft 
  20.    Make a cup of tea and call a friend 
  21.    Bake Something
  22.    Sleep In 
  23.    Give yourself a Facial 
  24.    Get your nails done 
  25.    Get a Pedicure 
  26.    Get a Massage 
  27.    Listen to your favourite album
  28.    Curl up under some blankets and just watch the day go by
  29.    Watch your favourite movie 
  30.    Go for a drive 
  31.    Pray
  32.    Eat something fattening (your favourite treat)
  33.    Try a guided meditation
  34.    Try screaming into a pillow, or beating it up to get out your frustrations 
  35.    Do something new, just for you
  36.    Buy yourself that new outfit you’ve been wanting 
  37.    Have coffee with your BFF
  38.    Stand with your arms out, tilt your head back a little (don’t do this if you get dizzy with your head back), take a long slow in breath through your nose and very slowly release it through your mouth.
  39.    Find a place to sit by running water, the ocean, a stream, a river or a brook, hopefully not too many people are around, just close your eyes and listen.
  40.    If the wind is blowing strongly, find a place to sit out of reach of the wind, but where you can hear it  moving through the trees.


There are so many things listed on Pinterest or Punch-in Self- Care on the Internet and you will be amazed at what the suggestions can do for you.

I will add to the list every time I hear of a new one.

Take time and care for you.