1. Do what you can depending on how you feel.
  2. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter
  3. Sweep the Kitchen Floor after Dinner
  4. Take garbage out (Hawkeye or Mr. T)
  5. Wash Dishes (Mr. T or Miss Muffett)
  6. Dry Dishes or Unload Dishwasher (Mr. T or Miss Muffett)
  7. Prep and Make Dinner (Me)



Monday          Our Bed & Bath – Change the Sheets, Dust down everything, Clean the Shower, Toilet, Sink and                                Countertop Area, Clean any Mirrors and fixtures to make them shine, Sweep and Wash Floor

Tuesday           Kitchen & Living Room – In the kitchen, dust down and wash the cupboards to remove any grease, wash down all the appliances, the backsplash, the table, and the chairs.  Replace the table-cloth, the napkins, and all the kitchen towels.    Take the filter out of the Vent Hood and let soak for a bit in a sink of hot water and dish detergent, that will get all the grease out of it.  Wipe down the garbage and recycling drawer (a thorough clean is done every two weeks). Finally, wash down the sink and polish up the fixtures.

In the Living room, dust all the knick- knacks, shelves, tables, furniture and mantle.  Polish any wood pieces. Clean the glass surfaces and the tabletops, be careful around the television, spray your cleanser on the cloth, not on the TV.  Sweep and wash the floor.

Wednesday     Main Bathroom & Vacuuming, Hawkeye takes out the Garbage.  The main bath is much like our Master bath, clean in the same way.  For the Vacuuming, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Thursday         Laundry, Entryway, Front and Rear Porches – I do all of our laundry (the kids are responsible for their own).  Sweep and Wash the Floor in the Entryway, dust any surfaces, or clean any surfaces that need it  (like fingerprints on the door, etc.)  Sweep the porches, Start with the Front Porch and pick up anything that makes it look untidy, sweep and replace the mat after giving it a good shake.  Wash down the door if it needs it, and check to make sure that no spiders have made their home in the railings, wouldn’t want any company to stick their hands in it.  The rear porch gets swept and tidied, wash the deck if you need to.

Friday               My Office & Bathroom – File all papers, dust and sweep the floor, clean out the Keurig machine and make sure that the cups and spoons are clean. Clean out the bathroom here the same as you would the Main or the Master.

Saturday            Meal Planning & Grocery List

Sunday                Day Off




BIWEEKLY (every two weeks)

Clean Out Fridge/Freezer and Wash Inside and Out

Wash out drawer with Garbage and Recycling Bins

Clean the Washer and Drier – Vacuum out the Drier hose.     If you have a front loader, clean out the grey gasket at the front and wash with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide




Clean all the Light Fixtures – Wash all the Globes / Dust off the Fixtures themselves and polish if they are wood





Crown Mouldings

Walls & Corners – Take your Swiffer and do all the walls and corners of every room.  Wash off any marks or finger prints that may be on the walls

Organize the Junk drawer

Organize the Plastics drawer




Self Clean the Oven –  Jan / April / July / October

Throw Pillows in Drier  for an Hour – Mar / June / September / December

Wash Comforter or Bedspread  –  Mar / June / September / December



BI-ANNUALLY (every 6 months)

Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors

Clean Patio area under the back deck.

Wash down outside of the house, railings, siding, doors, garage doors, stairs, etc.

Take down drapes and launder or dry clean.




Change Furnace Filter

Vacuum out the furnace vents, make sure nothing has fallen down inside



REMEMBER – take it slow and easy, sit down when you have to, or stop if you know it is too much.  Do not put yourself out of commission to get everything done, your health is much more important.